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XO will bring you closer to God and each other, reigniting your relationship and creating a love that lasts.

What is XO Marriage Conference?

XO Marriage Conference is a two-day experience that provides expert marriage advice and practical teachings to help couples navigate their marriage journey.

You’ll hear from Christian marriage experts like Jimmy Evans, Dave and Ashley Willis, and many other leading speakers about the secrets to a healthy, thriving marriage. At XO, you can expect dynamic teachings, worship, and an inspiring environment that will help you and your spouse grow closer together and build a strong marriage.

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Watch the 2021 XO Marriage Conference on-demand through February 27th or March 6th with the Digital or Premium Pass through XO Now.

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With your purchase of the Premium Pass, you’ll get your very own conference bag for you and your spouse which includes: two notebooks, pens, bracelets, an art print, and more.