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New Book - Un Matrimonio Divino

Marriage was born in the heart of God, and in order to have His blessing, it needs to be lived asHe designed it. Many times we see marriage as a human institution, a social contract that varies according to culture. But the reality is that marriage is a divine covenant with God, and its precepts never change.

This book is a practical guide with real testimonies on how to live this covenant relationship day by day with the presence of God at the center of your union. Our wish is that this book will give you revelation and inspiration so that your partner experiences the blessing and beauty of living A Divine Marriage.
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Marriage on The Rock
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Un Matrimonio Divino
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Éxito en La Familia
XO Podcast


Luis & Kristen Román

Hosts of XO Latino
Luis & Kristen Román have partnered with XO Marriage as the hosts of XO Latino! We are working together to create a place where the Spanish speaking community can learn about marriage, find hope and healing, and grow closer together while building families that will last for generations. Listen weekly to their NEW XO Podcast, Éxito en La Familia (Success in the Family), or join them for the next XO Latino conference appearance. They also have a new book, “Un Matrimonio Divino” (A Divine Marriage) from XO Publishing available now.

Married for 27 years and parents of 3 young men, Luis & Kristen are dynamic conference speakers and writers who communicate moral and spiritual principles from the Word of God in the areas of personal, marriage and family development and spiritual growth. In addition to speaking and the Éxito en La Familia podcast, they host their own Radio, TV Show and YouTube channel. They are founding pastors of VIVA Church International in Dallas, TX. For more information on Luis and Kristen, visit
Éxito en la familia
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