Marriage in Transition

Transitions can have positive or negative impacts depending on how you navigate them. Sean and Lanette Reed talk about how to see each other through uncontrollable circumstances.

Sean & Lanette

About the Hosts

A podcast designed to help couples find connection through times of uncontrollable change. Sean and Lanette with humor and wisdom, share practical tips that helped them break the cycle of poorly navigated problems in their marriage. Together they have built a strong following, reaching thousands of married couples through their YouTube videos, books, and public speaking.

Listener Feedback

Amazing Marriage Podcast!!

We love the wisdom and teaching Sean and Lanette bring in their book Marriage in Transition, and now the podcast!! We are so grateful for these two and their hearts to help marriages for the Kingdom!!

Sean & Lanette are so real!

Sean & Lanette talk about their life and marriage in way that is so easy to relate to. I love hearing their stories and this podcast is so practical and helpful. Everyone should definitely subscribe to this!


This couple is a kingdom power couple!!! They are to the point and they keep it biblically real which is awesome. They are not afraid to talk about topics that hit home, and topics that some Christians/people believe shouldn’t be spoken about. I’m glad they have a podcast so they can continue to share one of many gifts that God blessed them with. They are 100% down to earth people who gives you the close family vibe!!! ❤️

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