Marriage in Transition

Transitions can have positive or negative impacts depending on how you navigate them. Sean and Lanette Reed talk about how to see each other through uncontrollable circumstances.

What to Expect

A podcast designed to help couples find connection through times of uncontrollable change. Sean and Lanette with humor and wisdom, share practical tips that helped them break the cycle of poorly navigated problems in their marriage. Together they have built a strong following, reaching thousands of married couples through their YouTube videos, books, and public speaking. They have three adult children and are marriage and family pastors at Opendoor Church in Greenville, North Carolina.

What Others Are Saying

Best Marriage Podcast 🤩

By far the best marriage podcast! We love the wisdom and encouragement that Dave and Ashley bring when it comes to difficult topics and intimacy. We’d encourage all couples to listen and follow on all platforms! 🙌🏻❤️

Answered Prayer!

This podcast is an answer to my prayer! I started listening to this podcast yesterday and after 1 episode I fell in love. I've been engaged for 3 months and listening to this podcast gave me so much helpful insight into marriage that I never considered. I grew up in a Christian home with parents that had a good marriage, but some of the topics discussed in this podcast have really opened my eyes to what marriage is truly all about. Thank you SO MUCH Ashley & Dave Willis for a wonderful resource for engaged and married couples.


This is by far my favorite podcast. The full transparency has helped blessed our marriage so much! We really love the Naked Marriage Podcast!!! Keep it up Dave & Ash 👏🏼♥️

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