Two Equals One

A cinematic journey with Pastors Jimmy & Irene Rollins, as they tell their story of how the balancing act of family, marriage, and ministry came to a screeching halt when their public ministry life and private family life became too much for two broken individuals to manage.

Jimmy & Irene Rollins

About the Hosts

Jimmy and Irene are sought after globally as dynamic public speakers, authors, and marriage coaches sharing and inspiring countless individuals and marriages with a message of hope, healing, and restoration. Their transparency is infectious, their passion is contagious, and their message is one of authenticity. As they often say, “We have been married for 22 years and it’s been about the best 6 years ever!” This statement from Jimmy and Irene is a real-life testimony that no matter where you are in the season of your life, God can turn your greatest misery into your greatest ministry.

Listener Feedback


Jimmy and Irene spare no detail! The transparency we have all been waiting for. Thankful is an understatement to the new life this brought into my situation.

Hope & Healing 💕

So encouraging. Helping a love one through addiction is so hard, but this gave us answers, strategy, someone to relate to, and HOPE!

Never Alone 👏🏾

Ministry can be so lonely, especially when your family is falling apart. Jimmy and Irene, guide us into healthy ways to find healing while in ministry. Ministry, addiction, anger, or just everyday marriage issues...this podcast is for everyone.