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Raising the Standard for Marriage

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Making a Difference

To couples working to strengthen their marriage, XO Marriage is the network of inspiring relationship experts they can turn to for the most real, uplifting, and creative ways to live a glorious life of love.

The Purpose

  • 1

    Establish a significant national landmark for marriage

  • 2

    Create a global hub for advocates of marriage

  • 3

    Equip pastors & leaders with the XO Mediator Institute

  • 4

    Produce digital content (Podcasts, YouTube, XO Now)

  • 5

    Advocate for the needs of military marriages

Take a Stand for Marriage

When we talk about raising a standard for marriage, we aren’t just campaigning to save individual relationships. Our goal is to protect civilization itself. We want to see couples thrive. We want to see kids grow up with both parents. We want to save society. We plan to break ground in early 2021. Will you take a stand for marriage with us? – Jimmy Evans

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the address is PO Box 59888 Dallas, TX, 75229.

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