20 Heated-Up Summer Dates


Photo Caption: A young couple having a picnic at the beach

As the summer months heat up, some couples try to stay cool, but others like to heat up and get moving as they embrace the outdoors.

As the summer months heat up, some couples try to stay cool, but others like to heat up and get moving as they embrace the outdoors. If you’re looking for some heart-pumping, adrenaline-inducing summer dates, here is a list of 20 fun activities to enjoy as a couple. Remember to consider your fitness levels and choose activities that suit your abilities and interests.

  • Stand-up paddleboarding

Try paddleboarding together and navigate the waters while working on balance and strength.

  • Rock climbing

Find a local outdoor rock climbing spot and challenge yourselves on the vertical walls.

  • Soccer

Have a fun and active date playing soccer with each other or join a co-ed team.

  • Mountain hiking

Embark on a challenging mountain hike together, enjoying breathtaking views and a great workout. If you don’t have mountains, many cities have challenging trails.

  • Canoe or kayak

Rent canoes or kayaks and race each other on a lake or river, adding a competitive element to your date.

  • Outdoor boot camp class

Sign up for an outdoor boot camp class together and get your hearts pumping and muscles working.

  • Bike tour

Plan a bike tour and explore your city or nearby scenic routes, pedaling your way to adventure.

  • Obstacle course

Seek out a local adventure park or obstacle course and tackle the challenges and obstacles together.

  • Tennis match

Book a tennis court and have a friendly tennis match, practicing your skills and enjoying some healthy competition.

  • Water skiing or wakeboarding

If you have access to a lake or a suitable body of water, try water skiing or wakeboarding for an exciting water adventure.

  • Frisbee golf

Play a round of frisbee golf at a local course, combining frisbee throwing skills with the fun of golf.

  • Horseback riding

Go horseback riding on scenic trails, exploring nature from a different perspective.

  • Rollerblading

Put on your rollerblades and hit the pavement in the park or along a scenic trail.

  • Scenic nature hike

Choose a picturesque nature trail and go for a brisk hike, enjoying the beauty of nature and getting some exercise together.

  • Rock scrambling

Find a rocky terrain and enjoy the challenge of rock scrambling, using your hands and feet to navigate the uneven surfaces.

  • Water park adventure

Spend a day at a water park, trying out the slides and rides for an exhilarating experience.

  • Surf or scuba lessons

Sign up for surf or scuba lessons together and ride the waves or maneuver beneath them.

  • Circuit training

Create your own circuit training routine using outdoor equipment like benches, stairs, and bars in a local park.

  • Swimming

Take a dip in a natural swimming hole, lake, or ocean, enjoying the refreshing water and the opportunity for some active swimming together.

  • Trampoline park

Find an outdoor trampoline park and have a bouncing and jumping session, testing your agility.

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