The Premarriage Podcast

Engagement is one of the most exciting seasons of life, but it is also the most important time to create the foundation of your marriage.

Dave & Ashley Willis

About the Hosts

Dave and Ashley Willis share their own wisdom and experiences to teach you how to understand the marriage vows that will be promised on your wedding day. For additional resources, we encourage you to experience the full “Preparing for ‘I Do’” course, which includes video sessions supplemented by a discussion guide and other materials to deepen your relationship with your soon-to-be spouse! Find out more at premarriage.com.

Listener Feedback

This Is So Needed!

Every engaged couple needs to hear this! I wish this was available when I was engaged. It would have helped us navigate so many bad expectations.

The Podcast I’ve Been Waiting For!

I have been a listener of The Naked Marriage podcast since it began! While I'm not married or engaged, it's never too early to begin preparation! With engagement hopefully around the corner, my boyfriend and I will definitely be tuning in! Very thankful for advice and guidance from successful Christians! Thanks Dave & Ashley!

Essential Advice

As a Christian engaged woman, most of these topics have been on my heart so much lately and this podcast has opened my eyes and made me realize that our problems are indeed normal and expected to come our way! I took notes and plan to use all of this advice to create a God-lead marriage! Thank you! Thank you!

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