XO Live

A weekly live show where Brent Evans, CEO of XO Marriage, gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what's happening at XO. With special guest interviews, current topics, Q&A, and more this is a fun live look at what's going on at XO and in the world of marriage.

About the Hosts

Brent Evans is the CEO of XO Marriage and has an extensive background in marketing, having joined the organization in 2005 after many successful years helping businesses and nonprofits achieve greater results online. Brent successfully guided a brand transition from MarriageToday to XO Marriage and continues to position the organization for future success.

Listener Feedback

Love This Podcast!

I love this Podcast! It helps me to keep my mindset in line with God’s purpose for my marriage, and it reminds me to be soft and serve my Husband even when I don’t ‘feel’ like it. In a world where divorce has become the norm I think feeding our minds with voices like those in this Podcast is crucial for sustaining your marriage and growing as a couple. And I just love that it gives me things to talk about and grow in with my Husband.

Such A Blessing

This podcast is an excellent resource. Thanks so much for making these. Listening to the podcasts help me to stay encouraged in my marriage, as well as helping me educate myself on how to be married. I appreciate your information and all of the different teachers and ministers that you have.


Just started listening to your podcasts and was tremendously blessed with the warfare episode. Thank you for helping us understand the wiles of the devil and discerning how to overcome! Looking forward to more!

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