MarriageToday is hosted by best-selling author and speaker, Jimmy Evans, with his wife, Karen. Jimmy is author of the books Marriage on the Rock, The Four Laws of Love and Strengths Based Marriage.

About the Hosts

Since founding MarriageToday in 1994, Jimmy Evans and his wife Karen have encouraged and coached thousands of couples toward building rewarding marriages and healthy homes. Jimmy and Karen know firsthand that no marriage is beyond hope. Their own marriage almost ended in divorce, but applying the principles they now teach saved their relationship. After 48 years together, they understand every couple has a 100% chance of success in marriage.

Listener Feedback

What A Blessing

This is such a blessing. I have never related more to these messages. My spouse and I have been married for 5 years, together for 8 and it seems that we’ve gone through all of your topics with the exact outcome. We are now working more on understanding ourselves and focusing on the Lord more than ourselves. Thank you so much for each and every message!

Great Resource

We’ve been married 25 years and I have yet to find anyone else with the wisdom and knowledge Jimmy and Karen have. It’s encouraging to hear their stories of failing and how they persevered through to get to a great marriage. Great wisdom for bad marriages, ok marriages, good marriages and beyond. Life is a constant learning process and marriage should be no different.

Unforgettable Marriage Truths

Jimmy and Karen are so intuitive about relationships and the true needs of men and women as they maneuver through marriage. I love their teachings so much that we listened with our teenage son and daughter, as well, to help them in their future marriages. Now, as I continue to utilize the tools for marriage that I learned all those years ago, so do my children in their own marriages. What a beautiful way to change the world by strengthening marriages and families.

Ask a Question

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