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The Naked Marriage

The Naked Marriage is a podcast dedicated to undressing the truth about sex, intimacy and lifelong love. The concerns and questions most couples have in marriage often go unspoken, until now.



MarriageToday is hosted by best-selling author and speaker, Jimmy Evans, with his wife, Karen. Jimmy is author of the books Marriage on the Rock, The Four Laws of Love and Strengths Based Marriage.


Real Marriage

Mark and Grace help real people learn to really laugh, learn, and love as they share biblical truths about marriage.


The Creative Marriage

The Creative Marriage Podcast exist to talk about the art of keeping your love alive no matter what life throws at your marriage.


XO Podshow

The XO Podshow is hosted by Brent Evans, CEO of XO Marriage, and aims to highlight current events, marriage happenings, and relationship advice from the ministry of XO Marriage.


Marriage in Transition

Transitions can have positive or negative impacts depending on how you navigate them. Sean and Lanette Reed talk about how to see each other through uncontrollable circumstances.


Éxito en la Familia

Learn principles from the Word of God in the areas of life, marriage, and family development.
This podcast is in Spanish!


The Premarriage Podcast

Engagement is one of the most exciting seasons of life, but it is also the most important time to create the foundation of your marriage.


Tipping Point

Jimmy Evans draws on decades of study, experience, and biblical expertise to answer questions, expound on world events, and offer unparalleled insight into prophetic scripture.