How Do We Hear God For Our Marriage | Dan Lian


Video Caption: In this behind-the-scenes video, Dan Lian shares how to hear God for your marriage. God wants to speak to you as a newly formed unit in marriage and God is love and love communicates

Video Transcript:

so how do we hear god for our marriage how do we hear his voice well the first thing i need you to get is that god wants to speak clearly to the two of you i believe with all of my heart that when you get married to become one and god now doesn’t just speak to one individual and basically say stuff about the other individual i believe that god primarily now speaks to you as a part of a new form unit and i can tell you definitively that god wants to speak to you because god is love and love communicates so i want you to hear my heart that god’s love for you isn’t conditional on your performance it’s not in response to how lovely you are god loves you as an extension of his character and his identity the bible tells us that god is love and love by definition is always giving itself away it’s always trying to be heard it’s always trying to share that is what god is like so believe that hold on to that and so that’s where christopher and i we lean into when we are seeking god regarding a decision we we need to make or a direction we need to take we will both go to a time of praying together and praying individually believing that god will speak to us we’ve had seasons where we fasted together not because a spiritual hunger strike now bends like you know god’s will no it’s us tuning our hearts and tuning our souls and tuning our ears into the voice of god and then as we share with one another as we bring the scriptures and promises we believe that we’ve heard from god together we get to a place where we have a still small voice that creates a conviction in both of our hearts and we walk forward knowing that god has spoken to us that’s how we live in the u.s like i grew up in australia we had a great life there and we have our family there and a great setup there an amazing church family there but god spoke to the two of us about this faith step of moving from melbourne australia to anderson south carolina in 2017. everything seemed like that was like the craziest thing to do our you know family and friends in around australia but i kind of no no no we want you to stay here but god spoke to the two of us and the two of us as a married couple about this faith step that we needed to take and my goodness what a beautiful faith step it was we have walked on water we’ve seen the miraculous we have seen god do a new thing and it came because we both trusted that god not only wants to speak to us he will speak to us if we spend time together listening

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