The Danger of Online Secrets


About The Naked Marriage

Welcome to the first episode of our new series "9 habits that lead to divorce.' In this series, we're outlining 9 habits that we have seen lead to divorce. On this episode, we are talking about secrets and especially online secrets. In our digital world, it's key to have trust and boundaries for you and your spouse.

Quick Quotes:

Secrecy is the enemy of intimacy
When secrets start, they often start with online behavior.
Guard against any kind of correspondence with people of the other sex, because you don't know what their intentions are, even if yours are good.
You should never be the comforter to someone of the opposite sex when you are married.
What you find is that when you open the door to keeping online secrets in your marriage, you begin to find yourself going down roads you never thought you would.
The best way to manage your online life - always be asking "why" Why am I following this account? Why am I messaging this person?

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