Walking in Unity


Learning to walk in full unity with another can be painful when their movements instantly affect you.

Have you ever run in a three-legged race? Two partners tie one of their legs together, attempt to run a race, and reach the finish line. Most participants take time to get in sync with one another (and some never do). There is usually a lot of tripping and falling in the process. I remember this event from my elementary days, and I have to say, they are not fond memories. Learning to walk in full unity with another can be painful when their movements instantly affect you. Learning to move in unity in marriage can be like running a three-legged race with your spouse, but instead of 100 yards, it’s a lifetime marathon. Here are three things to remember when learning to walk in unity with your spouse:

  1. It’s Okay if Unity is a Process.

    A dear mentor mentioned to me that she and her husband were working through a big transition and were having difficulty coming into unity on the direction they should go. She mentioned that they went to counseling to work through it. Her tone was not angry or frustrated; It was powerful and assured. It was evident that they both were staying connected through this transition. They simply knew they did not want to move forward one inch until they walked in complete unity. When we prioritize walking in unity, we fortify our marriages.

  2. Sometimes you Have to Move Slower to Move in Unity.

    Let’s go back to the three-legged race for a moment. Imagine if one of the participants takes off as they normally would in a typical race? Their partner would be dragged along, not able to offer their own strengths. When we are married and become one, it is like the Holy Spirit ties our souls together. We have to learn to move in this race of life in a new way. The seasoned racers take a moment to make a plan with their partner and begin moving very slowly. Once they have found a rhythm, can move more swiftly, and begin to build some momentum.

  3. Unity Brings a Blessing.

    The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three independent representations of God, yet they dwell in unity at all times. Our marriages best reflect this when we choose to move in step with each other. Psalm 133 tells us that the Lord commands a blessing when there is unity. The purchase of a home, the transition of church, the raising of your children, the stewardship of finances. These are all opportunities to run in unity and receive His blessing over these areas.


    Pause. Reflect. Think about the structures in your marriage. Do they give unity a chance to thrive?

    It’s time to run the race of marriage with your partner.


    Hearts connected.

    Two unique beings, moving as one.

    Watch God bless it.

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