Tipping Point

Jimmy Evans draws on decades of study, experience, and biblical expertise to answer questions, expound on world events, and offer unparalleled insight into prophetic scripture.

What to Expect

The end is here. Take a deep breath, and let best-selling author, Jimmy Evans show you—through his 45 years of end times knowledge—the truth about what the Scriptures say about the times we are living in. In this timely podcast, you’ll learn how to have hope and peace in the midst of it all.

What Others Are Saying

Timely and encouraging!

I've been listening to Jimmy Evans for years and this new podcast is a great source of hope and encouragement. He shows us how to continue to serve God even in the midst of evil and a falling away from God in our society. Highly recommend this for weekly hope and insights!

Questions about the end?

This podcast and Pastor Jimmy Evans book is a good source for these current times. As soon as covid and riots started in 2020 I purchased his book and this podcast coincides with the book. Really good stuff from the bible and broken down

The End is Here

I'm so excited about this podcast! Finally, a voice we can trust to talk about current events. Not ranting about politics but talking about how it effects the church and what our response should be.

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