A Labor of Love


labour of love and family

You just have to have faith in God because He is faithful.

Years ago, Vinny worked with children in the system, and since then, he’s had the heart to adopt. At the same time, I (Yasmin) was always bothered by how families treated the adopted kids in my home country—as if they were not their own. If I adopted, I wanted that kid to be our kid, integrated into our family, part of us. So adoption was always part of our plan, but when we found out we couldn’t have biological children and weren’t comfortable with in vitro, we started talking about it—was it time to adopt? 


The first big sign that we were on the right track was when a coworker said he had a dream about me (Vinny) and we had a long discussion about adoption. I was stunned and told him, “Yasmin and I were just talking about this—we’re actually looking to adopt!”


Eventually, we signed up with an adoption agency. Throughout the process, we kept hearing prophetic words about twin girls—nearly everyone mentioned it. So we prepared everything, got all twin girls stuff. And then we waited… and waited. 

While we waited, a lot happened. We ended up getting prophetic words and lots of prayers, which was a blessing because it was a difficult and long wait. It was tough to keep hope alive. There were times when we thought, Maybe this isn’t for us. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this because it just isn’t happening


During that time, we got a word for our son’s name, but Vinny always felt that not only would it be twin girls, but blonde-haired, blue-eyed twin girls. I (Yasmin) got a word that it was going to happen really fast and another from someone who said she felt like there were two fields and God was preparing one for us. 


Three and half years later, it didn’t feel like fast.


When we finally got the call, the agency said the mom was having a little boy, and she was due in a month. It completely threw us for a loop—it didn’t make sense looking at the prophetic words we’d gotten. What happened to twins, blonde hair, blue eyes?


Turns out the mom had a twin sister. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. And she was due in one month, so we needed to pull everything together fast.


The prophetic words happened but in a completely unexpected way. It was so amazing to see how God provided and just made everything work perfectly through the whole process. We were trying to get prepared, and He totally blew all of that out of the water. We were just amazingly overwhelmed by the blessings, love, prayers, and thoughtfulness that came from everyone—even people we didn’t know. 

During the waiting process for the adoption, we received a lot of platitudes, but they were just not helpful. The prayers and encouragement were what was helpful. Looking back now, I’ll say that whatever you think you have planned, and however you think “it” is going to happen, it’s not. As hard as that is to hear when you’re going through something—and it is hard—it really is true. You have to have faith in God because He is faithful and will make it all work out, even if we can’t always see it.

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