Single with Purpose


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…navigating singleness requires a deep connection with God, a sense of purpose, and a genuine understanding of yourself.

Singleness is a unique season of life that can bring both joy and challenges. As a believer, navigating singleness requires a deep connection with God, a sense of purpose, and a genuine understanding of yourself. Whether you feel called to singleness or desire a life partner, learn to embrace this season with faith and purpose. Here are eight words of advice to help you along your journey.

  1. Embrace God’s Plan

    Singleness is not a curse or a less important calling for a Christian. God has a purpose for you in every season, including this time of singleness. Seek His guidance and surrender your desires and expectations to Him. Trust that God knows what is best for you and that His timing is perfect.

  2. Seek God’s Will

    Be intentional in your prayers and seek God’s will, including His plan for your desires for a life partner. Ask for His guidance in discerning whether you are called to a lifestyle of singleness or if He has a future spouse in store for you. Trust His leading and be open to His plans, even if they differ from yours.

  3. Cultivate Your Relationship with God

    Use your time of singleness as an opportunity to deepen your relationship with God. Invest time in His Word, engage in prayer, and pursue His presence. Allow Him to be your ultimate source of fulfillment and companionship. Develop a strong foundation in your faith, knowing that a solid relationship with God will strengthen any relationship you may have in the future.

  4. Pursue Personal Growth

    A season of singleness gives you a unique opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Invest in your passions, talents, and other kinds of personal development. Explore new hobbies, pursue new goals, and engage in meaningful service. Focus on becoming the person God has called you to be.

  5. Foster Community and Support

    Build strong connections within your church community. Surround yourself with like-minded people who can offer support and accountability. Join a small group or Bible study. Volunteer somewhere and build relationships.

  6. Practice Contentment and Gratitude

    Cultivate a spirit of contentment and gratitude. Shift your focus from what you lack to the blessings and opportunities you do have. Express gratitude for your opportunities for personal growth. Develop an attitude of contentment. God’s plans for you are good and have a purpose.

  7. Keep an Open Heart

    If you desire a spouse, keep an open heart to the possibilities God may bring your way. Be patient and trust in His timing. Remember to maintain healthy boundaries and seek a relationship based on your shared faith. Avoid compromise and don’t settle for anything less than God’s best.

  8. Seek Wise Counsel

    Seek guidance from trusted, mature believers who can point you to biblical wisdom. Their insights will be invaluable as you navigate this season.


    Make your relationship with God your greatest desire. Whether you feel called to singleness or desire a spouse, embrace this season and surrender to God’s plan.

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