Supporting a Spouse Through Job Loss


God is giving you a unique opportunity to support your spouse and reflect the love of Jesus.

Job loss is a trial that can greatly impact a marriage. According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale used by many doctors, job loss is the eighth most stressful event a person can experience. Some of the events that score higher are the death of a spouse, the death of a child, divorce, and imprisonment. Still, job loss ranks very high as a stressor. Employment loss can cause waves of emotions, uncertainty, and financial strain. As a devoted spouse, you want to support your partner during difficult times, and job loss is no exception. Here are six ways you can be a source of strength and encouragement for your spouse during this tough time:

  1. Listen

    Your spouse may express frustration, disappointment, fear, or self-doubt. Actively listen to their concerns and feelings without judgment or interruption. Be a safe space for them to express their thoughts and fears openly. Show Christ’s compassion and understanding as much as you possibly can.

  2. Encourage Faith and Trust

    Remind your spouse of God’s promises and faithfulness. Encourage them to lean on His plan for their lives. Encourage your spouse to seek God’s wisdom, knowing that He can open new doors and provide unexpected opportunities even in the midst of uncertainty.

  3. Foster a Supportive Environment

    Self-esteem and confidence take a huge hit with a job loss. Continue to affirm your spouse’s worth and value outside of their job. Remind them of their skills, abilities, and unique strengths. Recall their past achievements to them and express your belief in their future success. Create an environment in which they feel loved and supported regardless of their job situation.

  4. Share the Financial Burden

    Of course, you also feel the financial stress. Work together to assess your financial situation and make necessary adjustments. Communicate openly about budgeting, financial goals, and potential solutions. Explore creative ways to cut expenses and explore alternative income streams. Together, manage your resources wisely. Trust in God’s provision. He knows what you need.

  5. Explore New Opportunities

    Support your spouse as they explore new opportunities. Encourage them to expand their skills, update their resume, and seek additional training if necessary. Help with networking and connecting them with potential employers. Together, embrace new beginnings and encourage a positive outlook on the future.

  6. Pray Together and Seek Wisdom

    Your faith is important, especially during times of uncertainty. Pray regularly as a couple and ask God for wisdom and provision. Attend church together, Seek advice from mature believers. Encourage your spouse to lean into their faith and their relationship with God.


    Job loss can be emotionally draining for both of you. However, God is giving you a unique opportunity to support your spouse and reflect the love of Jesus. Stand together, reminding each other of God’s faithfulness and the limitless possibilities He has for your future. Your strength and hope will ultimately come from the Lord.

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