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What is Mediation?

Tailored for couples facing a multitude of challenges and those who may be feeling disheartened about the future of their relationship, this immersive experience offers an extended opportunity to delve deep into your core issues without the hassle of scheduling multiple weekly sessions.

Mediation is thoughtfully designed to provide a full day of focused attention to your relationship, ensuring a thorough exploration and resolution for your marriage. Whether you choose in-person or virtual sessions, we are dedicated to helping you rekindle the flame of your partnership and pave the way for a brighter, more harmonious future together no matter the circumstances you are facing.


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Steps to Restoring Your Marriage

Step 1:
60 Minute Advisory Call

After the completion of your free consultation, an XO mediator will set up your 60-minute advisory call, where we’ll address your immediate relationship needs with your spouse. Whether you’re a couple or an individual, our trained experts are here to offer guidance, wisdom, and encouragement during your marital challenges. Let us listen, advise, and set you on the path to healing. Remember, you’re not alone; we want to walk this journey with you.

Step 2:
XO Mediation Intensive

Embark on a journey of connection and renewal with our exclusive one or two-day marriage mediation program. Designed for couples facing a variety of challenges or simply seeking clarity about their future together, our focus is on helping you find breakthrough and begin the process of healing and restoration in your marriage. Whether you choose to meet in person or virtually, our intensive support is all about helping you explore the heart of your relationship issues and paving the way for a stronger, brighter future together.

Step 3:
Post-Care Followup

Continue to nurture your marriage with our 90-minute aftercare sessions that go beyond mediation. We’re here to walk beside you as you integrate the tools you’ve discovered into your daily life. Remember, you’re never on this journey alone. Our committed mediators are ready to provide guidance and inspire you towards a lasting, love-filled partnership.

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