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What is Mediation?

Marriage Mediation is an innovative marriage-saving intensive for couples seeking healing and restoration in their marriage. Couples no longer have to choose between counseling or divorce when their marriage is at a crossroad. Through Marriage Mediation, you can experience immediate hope and transformation by combining biblically based resources and mediation techniques for long term restoration.

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Path to Restoring Your Marriage

Step 1:
60-Minute Virtual Session

Your mediation journey will start with an initial 60-minute virtual session, where a certified XO marriage mediator will introduce you to the process of mediation. Each spouse will be given dedicated time to express and process their individual perspectives, laying the groundwork for healing and restoration. The session will conclude with personalized recommendations to continue your mediation journey.

Step 2:
Mediation Intensive

XO’s exclusive marriage mediation intensive approach provides immediate hope and transformation by combining biblically-based resources and mediation techniques for long term restoration. Whether in person or virtual, we will help you discover the heart of your relationship issues and pave the way for a stronger, brighter future together.

Your recommended length of intensive will be provided by your mediator to ensure enough time is allotted to address your needs. Pricing will vary based on their recommendation.

Step 3:
Post-Care Follow-Ups

Continue to nurture your marriage with our aftercare sessions that go beyond mediation. We’re here to walk beside you as you integrate the tools you’ve discovered into your daily life. Remember, you’re never on this journey alone. Our committed mediators are ready to provide guidance and inspire you towards a lasting, love-filled partnership.

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