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Sex is a beautiful gift from the Lord that He designed especially for marriage.

Better sex in your marriage requires having the right mindset and establishing the right habits. Making sure your sex life is fulfilling in marriage requires effort, but it’s worth the investment! Having the right mindset means you have to prioritize emotional connection, get rid of your inhibitions, and be open to trying new things. Establishing habits can help you make having satisfying sex a regular part of your relationship.

The Counterfeit Climax dives into the complexities of one of the most important topics in relationships. In some ways, the act of talking about sex can feel more intimate and vulnerable than the act of having sex. Dave and Ashley’s trusted advice, compassion, and own transparent stories will help you cut through all the lies so you can navigate through the complicated messages of today’s world in terms of sex and relationships.

In addition, Dave & Ashley developed a digital resource to let you in on their Ten Secrets to Great Sex! If you apply these ten tips and tools to your marriage, we believe your sex life will instantly and dramatically improve!

For donations of $25 or more, we will send you a hardcover copy of The Counterfeit Climax by Dave & Ashley Willis and a free digital download of of their popular resource, Ten Secrets to Great Sex

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