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hey friends dave and ashley willis here host of the naked marriage podcast and we are so excited to share this new video with you from exo fitness which is something that we had fun actually being part of yes it was so much fun we know you are going to love it it’s part of exo now so go ahead and get your spouse and enjoy this workout and if you like videos like this one be sure to like and subscribe

well hello exo fitness family welcome to today’s workout my name is rachel gilbert i’m going to be leading you through today’s core workout let me introduce you to the team over here we’ve got kimmy you’re going to follow her for all of today’s modification and then back behind me we’ve got my husband matt he’s going to be staying right there with me and giving you some other options as well so as i mentioned we have a core workout before before we get to the workout let’s talk about the work in with the word of god and this one comes from first corinthians 6 19-20 and here’s what it says do you not know that your bodies are the temples of the holy spirit who is in you whom you’ve received from god so you’re not your own you were bought at a price therefore honor god with your bodies and um i want to talk to you just for a second about that hey team behind me i want you guys to go ahead and give me a few twists we’re not going to do a ton of a warm up here because we’re going to warm up as we go it’s just a short quick core move but i want their upper body just to be a little limber here as i keep talking to you while they do that and here’s what i want you to know we’re going to honor god with our bodies and here’s the core thought for today that your body is a temple to be taken care of but it’s not an idol to be worshipped amen all right let’s go and have a seat on the ground you get to stay on the ground all this whole class so congratulations um we’re gonna do each move for one minute each we’ve got four moves we’re going to show you as we go in fact the first round is going to kind of be a warm up energy introduction to the moves and then the second round through you’ll really be able to just fly with those so our first move go ahead and have a seat we’re going to do some running abs we’ve got lots of options here we’re going to put one minute on the clock we’re going to stay here for a full minute here’s the move i’m coming up i’m driving my knee single leg in back down our modifier is back behind here she’s just gonna be keeping that head and neck on the ground driving one knee at a time here we go let’s get started in three two and one right there good

so inhale on the way down exhale on the way up on that exertion we are not going for speed on these core moves in fact i want to ask you to slow down be very intentional with these moves no jerking no jumping around no bouncing here do as many reps as you can with great form if you need to shake it out and get back in you please do that and as we go through these core moves slowly and intentionally i want you to think about and ask the lord how can you honor your body remember that what i mentioned it’s such a powerful truth that our body is a temple to be taken care of but we do not need to swing over into the land of obsession or into neglect we’ve got five seconds we’re gonna go into our second move three two and rest all right your next move up you’re going to flip over to your stomach we got some supermans to come out like your superhero you’re going to bring both arms and legs up and down you’re going to notice our modifier is just doing her upper body keep going team the clock has started so i’m going to talk for a second about this move a lot of times when people think about core guess what they think of the front because that’s what we can see right but we want to strengthen the entire trunk because these moves right here are working your erector spinae muscles which give you a great posture keep you prevent injury different things like that so don’t skip these moves you’re going to probably be a little sore from this if you don’t normally do this kind of move so if you need to right now slow the move down i’d rather you get a couple of really great reps for this particular kind of move than to do a whole bunch and just really end up hurting yourself we’ve got 20 more seconds here team how are we doing are you guys breathing yes good slow and controlled this is not a race today this is not interval training slow and controlled you got it and here we go flip it back over we’ve got bicycle abs now so in that same position that we were in earlier but now this time we’re just going to rotate the opposite elbow to the opposite knee slow and controlled our modifier this kenny is going to keep our feet on the ground and still do that rotation go ahead and get started team clock is on they’re hanging out back here again slow and controlled slow and controlled move here i don’t want to see whipping around i don’t want you to jerk on your neck i want you to go nice and slow and controlled breathe through it good good and again if you need to take a little break shake it out especially if you notice your form is slipping i highly recommend you take a break get back in when you’re ready we have 30 seconds slow the move down breathe through it really think about those obliques like we’re working right now we’re working your entire trunk today very intentional here 15 seconds we’re gonna flip back over into a plank position for your final move of the day then we’ll repeat these four moves one more time and you will be out of here

three two and one good job team all right flip it over our final move before we repeat go ahead and set up a plank for me if you’re modifying with miss kim you’re just going to stay in this plank for the entire minute otherwise i want you to dip one hip down to one side come center go left all right we’ve got one minute on the clock in three two and one let’s go so again i know i sound like a broken record but i’m gonna just keep telling you i would rather you slowed the move down get a couple of really great reps strengthen that core than to go for speed and throw out your low back or something silly i want you to notice their gonna come over to matt just for a second um he’s looking at a spot right out in front of him so he’s not tucking his chin when you tuck your chin you’re gonna cut off blood supply to your brain might get a little dizzy when you’re in a plank if you notice you get dizzy you might check out where your neck is it might be out of alignment he’s also doesn’t have his butt up in the air super high and he’s not dipping his hip super low he’s right nice and neutral and again if you find it’s hard to maintain this position i want to ask you to just hold the plank on your knees or even hold a plank up on a wall all right team we have 10 seconds and then we get an entire minute to recover i’m gonna join them for this last ten breathe breathe breath breathe good and let’s recover good job team good job how are we doing good okay we’re gonna repeat those four moves one more time you know them now so if you feel comfortable and you want to pick up the pace a little bit and your form is really good go for it while we rest i would love to hear from the team what do you two do to honor god with your body in a way that is balanced

right uh just being obedient especially in marriage keeping it sacred for the one you’re married to it’s a great way to honor it right yeah i love it how about you kimmy i rest i think that oh yeah it’s extremely important so good rest it’s huge oh my goodness i hope you guys heard that you’ve got to rest all right here we go we’re going back to the top you know the moves are starting back with the running abs go ahead and roll it on back choose what option you’re gonna do feel free to do a mixture of each whatever your body is saying for you today here we go in three two and one again not going for speed here we’re being very intentional think about the muscle group that you’re working that really helps activate it you haven’t noticed our mind is so powerful where your mind goes your body will follow so get it in alignment which is why i start all these workouts with something from the word of god is if we can set our mind right then everything else gets into alignment and i don’t know about you but i want my mind to be on the word of god it is a solid foundation

how are we doing team we have 15 seconds and then this move goes away

keep breathing you find yourself holding your breath breathe and remind each other to breathe five four three two flip it over we’re going right into superman you know the move so now we’re just going right into it for a minute on the clock in three two and one slow and controlled good

same thing here i want you to find a spot out in front of you look there both of them are doing this perfectly they’re not tucking their chins they’re also not cranking it back behind him a nice neutral neck good keep breathing through it

now some other options that skimmy is showing you just the upper body going you could do just lower body on that if you’re gonna do just lower body though i would recommend you to kick off your shoes and in fact this whole core workout if you want to kick off your shoes you can don’t really need them because it adds just even a little bit extra weight which is just tough on your low back so we just want to be careful with your low back team we have 10 seconds left here then we flip back over for those bicycle abs

and three two and one flip it over two more moves how we doing great great all right we got one minute on the clock we’ve got those bicycle abs you can keep those feet planted you can bring them up whatever you’d like here we go in three two and one let’s go there you go

oh thank you for asking yes so the modification for the bicycle you keep your feet planted and you’re going opposite still bring it over working those obliques side to side good

even gonna kimmy doesn’t have to demonstrate this but again i always just like to think about when you’re wanting a modification for any move think about which muscle group we’re working so right now we’re going for those obliques if even this modification you’re just like man that just feels weird it doesn’t feel right you could stand up and guess what i can i’m doing that exact same thing i’m working those obliques okay so there’s something here for everybody all right team you have 13 seconds we’re going to our final move which is that plank with that side to side hip dip you’re almost there three two and one recover last time flip it over let’s set up that plank so the modification here is going to be to hold that plank here we go in three two and one final minute is on the clock good side to side

good now kimmy is modifying on her um elbows there and on her knees one other option if you really are like you know what i’m kind of in between modifications i i would like to be all the way up but i’m not quite there you could come to the knees just like kimmy is and then i could do a little side knee tuck so i’m getting a little oblique work in there getting to challenge just kind of just stepping it up just a tiny bit and working on that core strength we have 20 seconds and then we are done i’m gonna finish up here with the team here we go breathing

less than 10 seconds doing great we are so proud of you for showing up today three two and one everybody bring it back into a child’s pose please there you go good

all right bring it on up hey team great job thank you for showing up today we’re so proud of you if you need more of a cool down press play on one of our cooldowns and hey ask the lord how you can honor your body today we’ll see you back here next time

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