7 Gifts Your Husband Will Love


These are all things he probably won’t actually ask for, but if you surprise him with it, it will make his day!

My wife Ashley is great at giving thoughtful and unique gifts, but every Christmas she tells me that I’m hard to shop for. I’ve heard this same frustration from many other wives talking about their own husbands. There are only so many years you can get a guy Old Spice, after all! Especially if you’ve been married for awhile, it can be hard to find new ways to surprise your husband with a gift he’ll actually love.

Every man is different, so I’m hesitant to prescribe a one-size-fits-all gift-giving guide for husbands, but I strongly believe that most guys would love every item on this list. Each of these can be customized to his own personal tastes and interests. These are all things he probably won’t actually ask for, but if you surprise him with it, it will make his day!

If you want to see your husband’s eyes light up this Christmas morning, get him one, some or all of these seven things.

In no particular order, here are 7 Christmas gifts your husband will love…

  1. An experience WITH YOU centered around his favorite hobby or team

    Most guys would rather have one, big, memorable experience with you than a bunch of smaller gifts to unwrap. If he’s into a certain sports team, plan a weekend trip to go see a game with him and explore the city together. This one takes some planning and it’s more expensive than the others on this list, but trust me, he’ll be blown away when he opens this one! You could even have him open up a series of “clues” to build anticipation for what it is. Have fun with it!

    #2 might be his favorite gift from you this year

  2. Something to enhance your marriage and your SEX LIFE

    Face it, he’d much rather undress you than unwrap anything else! Maybe you’ve wanted him to go to a marriage conference with you or plan a romantic weekend together, but he didn’t want to miss a weekend’s worth of football games. Get our new book The Naked Marriage. Tell him this gift will spice up your SEX LIFE and it will quickly become his favorite gift this year!

    #3 is really inexpensive, but he’ll use it everyday and love opening it…

  3. Something that SOLVES an everyday PROBLEM he complains about

    I’m always complaining about there being a shortage of cell phone chargers in our house and how they’re always being moved around and hard to find. My family recently got me this really long cell phone charger and I LOVED it. It let me know that they were listening to me and that they cared about helping me with a challenge I face daily. The gift wasn’t expensive, but it was PERFECT because it was useful. “Usefulness” is something men love in gifts. I’m hoping for a universal remote control this year (the remotes are always missing too)!

    #4 is something he’d probably never get for himself, but he’d love it if you got it for him…

  4. Something personalized (but not cheesy)

    A few years ago, I bought my father-in-law a small, metal tub for holding ice or drinks and had a cheap engraving place put “McCray’s Pub” (his last name) on it. The whole gift cost me around $25, but he uses it all the time and keeps it out on display when he’s not using it. Men will usually hold onto a gift if it’s practical and personalized.

    #5 will help him feel like “The Man” and he’ll love it…

  5.  Stuff that celebrates manhood

    Most guys feel like they’re got to put their testosterone on a shelf most days, so give him a gift to let his manliness come out! Whether he’s into tools, or guns, or Duck Dynasty, or sports, or growing a massive beard, or whatever else, give him a gift that shows him that you value what he likes and you celebrate his epic manliness.

    #6 is something more expensive, but it would be used a LOT…

  6. Something “big” that’s mostly for him, but that the whole family would enjoy too

    Most guys have something on their wish list. Maybe it’s a bigger ticket item like a new TV, a Big Green Egg Grill or a surround sound system for the living room. Gifts like that might be worth the bigger price tag because they’ll make his day and they’ll be something the whole family can benefit from using together. He’s going to love anything that the family can enjoy with him.

    #7 might be the most important one of all…

  7. Something that speaks his “Love Language”

    Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages states that all of us have a primary preferred mode of receiving “love.” These five “languages” are: Quality time, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service and physical touch. Learn what your husband appreciates most and then craft a gift around that. If he loves acts of service, for instance, then do something really nice for him. If he loves words of affirmation, then use your words to craft a creative gift. Take the time to make it personalized and it will make a big impact on him.


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