A Champion of Faith


George Foreman’s Remarkable Life Journey


George Foreman’s testimony is a remarkable story of perseverance and salvation. He was an Olympic Gold medalist, the oldest-ever World Heavyweight boxing champion, and a successful preacher who found his faith late in life. His life has been one of hardship and success, faith and redemption, and ultimately triumph against all odds. Read on to learn more about George Foreman’s inspiring story.

George was born in 1949 into poverty in Houston, Texas. Growing up in the Fifth Ward community, life was often difficult for his family due to financial struggles. As a result, George often got into fights as an adolescent and fell into a life of crime. Eventually, he would find his way to the Peace Corps, where he discovered and learned the sport of boxing.

As he rose through the ranks of amateur boxing, George won an Olympic gold medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City at just 19 years old. He continued to dominate professional boxing until 1977 when a near-death experience in his dressing room led him to find his faith and become a born-again Christian. He began to dedicate his life to being a preacher full-time at The Church of Lord Jesus Christ in Houston, where he has preached regularly for nearly 40 years.

In 1987, the world was surprised when 38-year-old George Foreman announced his return to the boxing ring after a 10-year absence. But few people knew then that this comeback was motivated by something more than his personal ambition—an act of redemption, sacrifice, and service to others. The George Foreman Youth and Community Center he had founded to encourage young people to stay out of trouble ran out of operating funds. And so, with his back against the wall, he decided to make a comeback to raise enough money to keep the center running.

George Foreman’s remarkable life journey is one that proves anything can be achieved if you have faith and never give up on yourself or your dreams, no matter how hard things may get. From poverty-stricken childhood to being an Olympic Gold medalist, from becoming a full-time preacher to heavyweight champion again at age 45, every twist and turn along this path is a testament that anyone can overcome whatever challenges come their way.

Watch George’s life story unfold in his new biopic, Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World, where he shows us that even when our own dreams seem unattainable or out of reach due to our circumstances or environment, we can still be used by God—and often times it’s through those very same circumstances or environment that He chooses to work through us.

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