Worth the Wait | XO Stories | Brian & Grace


Video Caption: XO Marriage exists to help couples have a healthy and strong marriage. We do this by hosting conferences, creating resources, and offering encouraging digital content. Our world-class speakers offer leading marriage advice to equip couples with the necessary tools for a successful marriage. We believe that every marriage can thrive.

Video Transcript:

When Brian and i met we had both been praying and waiting on god to bring the right person in our lives on our third date i asked him if we can make our dating more intentional as soon as grace mentioned that i knew exactly what to suggest marriage on the rock by jimmy evans this book truly started our dating off on the right foot my husband and i are total opposites i’m originally from uganda in east africa and my husband is from kansas city missouri i thought that brian would like to be loved the way i want to be loved but after listening to exo i learned that brian’s love is experienced through respect and honor we really value all the exo content and have learned so much xo has taught us how to do marriage the right way god’s way

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