Come or Go



His plans and thoughts for us are always for our good.

As the Israelites camped by the Red Sea, the whole Egyptian army came bearing down in pursuit. Moses told the frightened multitude, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today.”[1]

We all know the story of how God miraculously parted the sea and allowed the children of Israel to walk through on the dry ground. He brought them to a new place and drowned their enemies behind them. It stirs my faith every time I hear the story.

I have had many “Red-Sea-parting” miracles in my life, and I love sharing my testimonies of God’s faithfulness. Time and again, Father had parted the waters before us and ushered us into new territory—leaving India behind, the call to America, the call to Zion Bible College in Rhode Island, and the call to Texas. Each time I tell these stories, my heart fills with praise, and I am overwhelmed by His goodness.

When I began sharing our testimony, I would tell people how God said, “Go to Zion Bible College” or “Go to Texas.”

But a while ago, as I was telling the story, Father whispered in my ear and spoke, “I never said, ‘Go.’ I said, ‘Come. Come join Me.’”

It stopped me in my tracks. My spirit quickened, realizing His instruction was an invitation—not a command. He had said, “I am doing a new thing—come join Me.” The difference was profound. Now when I share, I am careful to highlight the invitation of God into new territories.

My mother is studying Hebrew, and I am very proud of her. Reading scripture in the original language brings the Word to life and takes your understanding to a new level. So, I asked her to share something new she had learned with me. She said, “In Genesis 7:1, God told Noah, ‘Come thou and all thy house into the ark …’ The Hebrew word for come is bo. So, God was already in the ark that Noah had built, and He invited Noah and his family to join Him.”

She had my attention. “Go on,” I urged.

“Well, this same word bo is also used when God spoke to Moses to ‘go’ to Egypt,[2] and ‘go’ in to see Pharoah[3] as well.”

Before she could finish, I knew what she was going to say, “The word go here is the same Hebrew word bo,” she said, “which can also be translated as come.”

My heart soared. “Yes!” I nodded, “Father God always invites us to join Him in what He is doing. He came to save Israel and asked Moses to join Him—it was an invitation to partner with Him.”

It is not a command, you have free will, and He has given you a choice.

This was such a confirmation for me and our calling to go—or should I say come—to Texas. God was already there ahead of us, and He had already prepared a place and made provision. He was now inviting us to join Him.

We are blessed every time God has asked us to join Him, and we follow. His plans and thoughts for us are always for our good. His ways are much higher, and what He does is always more than we can ever ask, think, or imagine.

Think about it; even Jesus needed to have His way prepared. The Father sent John the Baptist ahead of Jesus to prepare the way for His work on the earth. God will always go before you and prepare the way. He has already set the table for you and says, “Come join Me. I invite you to partner with Me in what I am already doing.”

What is God asking you to do? Where is He inviting you to join Him?

It is not a command, you have free will, and He has given you a choice. Will you answer His invitation and partner with Him in what He requests of you? I promise if you say “Yes,” you will not be disappointed.

[1] Exodus 14:13, KJV.

[2] Exodus 3:8.

[3] Exodus 10:1.

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