How to Bring More Fun and Laughter into Your Marriage


The happiest and most committed married couples make it a point to have fun together. I love how my husband, Dave, makes this a point in our marriage. He always says, “Laughter is the soundtrack of a healthy and happy home.” Isn’t that so true? The more we laugh together, the more connected we feel, and the more likely we are to open up to one another. On the flip side, the absence of fun and laughter causes couples to stop talking, and their hearts become disconnected and disillusioned. Thankfully, husbands and wives have the power to change this negative dynamic, but it requires both spouses being intentional about spending time with one another and making fun and laughter a daily habit in their relationship.

One way that Dave and I make it a point to have fun together is by having a regular date night. Date nights are great opportunities for couples to focus on their relationship and have a blast together. Not long ago, I came across the sweetest ABC News story about a young Canadian couple, Zac and Emily Rendell, who live up their date nights like no one else. They make it their mission to surprise one another with outrageous, fun-themed date nights every month. According to Emily, the couple each takes turns planning their monthly surprise date nights. “We try to outdo each other,” says Emily. And, man, does this couple know how to take date nights and FUN to a whole new level. Recently, Zac decided that he wanted to surprise Emily with a Beauty and the Beast date night-down to the smallest details. He even went to a thrift store, purchased an old clock in a glass enclosure, removed the clock, and added a twinkling rose inside- just like the one in the movie. Isn’t that amazing? But, he didn’t stop there. The night continued with a candlelit dinner fit with china and cloches. So romantic! Emily loved every minute of it. However, she wasn’t sure how she’d be able to top such an amazing date night. But, she knew she had to try.

So, Emily put together something she just knew that her husband would love- the most amazing Star Wars-themed date night ever. From mini light sabers to whimsical credits lining the bottom of steps leading to their upstairs, to an “Admiral Ackbar Snackbar,” the night was epic. When asked why they put so much effort into their special surprise date night, the couple stated that their favorite wedding advice is to “never stop dating each other.” Well, they’ve sure lived up to that one!

So, what about you?  How can you increase the fun and laughter in your marriage?  Here are a few more questions to consider to get you thinking…

What are some of your spouse’s favorite things, and how can you make those come to life in a fun experience that the two of you can do together?

What makes your spouse laugh? A certain comedian, TV program, podcast, etc.? Take them to that comedy show. Watch their favorite funny flick with them. Listen to their favorite podcast with them and laugh together.

Do you ever send funny texts/emails/messages to your spouse? If not, start doing it! Use funny GIFs. Remember your inside jokes with one another. Flirt back and forth with your spouse and have fun with it.

Whether it’s an elaborately-planned date night or a silly joke, your marriage will grow stronger when the two of you make laughter and fun a consistent part of your marriage. So, go for it. Plan something fun right now. You will be so glad you did!

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