Sex Isn’t Just Sex


What we are about to say may seem controversial in a contemporary context: Sex isn’t just sex.

It isn’t just a physical act with obvious physical benefits. That sounds counter to what we hear on TV, on the most recent music playlist, or in what a lot of university professors are teaching. We repeat, sex isn’t just sex. It’s so much more and far better than any cheap knock off our culture might portray it to be.

Sex isn’t just sex. It’s much better than that.

The Sexual Revolution took place in the US and the western world in the 1960s and 70s, but it was nothing like we see in today’s culture, where everything is hyper-sexualized. It’s a whole new revolution. Nudity and hookup culture are not everything that modern sex is in our society, but they contribute to a sex-focused environment. If what we are witnessing and experiencing isn’t sex at its best, then what is it supposed to be?


Here are 3 important truths about sex the world, and maybe even the church, isn’t telling you:


  • Sex is worship.

God created it! How cool is that? He didn’t have to make it pleasurable, but He did. We might even take a few minutes to worship Him for that. Sex really is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s done in the way God intended. He designed it in the first place as good for our good. Dave and Ashley Willis have a really good teaching on this topic where they show sex isn’t supposed to be shameful, even though some people, even in the church, treat it as taboo. It’s part of God’s perfect plan, and when we participate in the right way, we are giving honor and worship to God.

  • Sex is powerful.

We always say this: The enemy will do anything in his power to get you in bed before marriage and out of bed during marriage. We believe this statement is true because he knows it is more than just physical: it is also spiritual. When we have sex with another person, we are binding our souls together—this is commonly called a “soul tie.” The Bible demonstrates this fact by telling us “the two become one.” It is so much more than a physical act that satisfies a fleshly craving. Soul ties and deep bonds are created through sexual activity. Before modern birth control options, there were very practical reasons to keep sex within the marriage relationship because there were very obvious results when it wasn’t. However, medical science has now removed those visible consequences, so our culture has normalized casual sex, and sex out of marriage is rampant. Even so, there are still serious spiritual consequences.

  • Sex is emotional.

Sex is also about emotionally connecting. What happens outside the bedroom has a major impact on what happens inside the bedroom. For example, when a wife doesn’t feel heard, seen, or pursued outside the bedroom, then she will find it much harder to connect emotionally inside the bedroom. Focus on building your friendship during the day, then watch your intimacy grow at night—or whatever time of the day suits your relationship best.

Sex isn’t just sex. It’s much better than that. And you have an opportunity to create an amazing spiritual and emotional bond with your spouse, far beyond anything physical you’ve ever known before.

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