Can You Find Love On The Bachelor?


Video Caption: Sean and Lanette Reed give us the inside scoop on finding love on the hit series The Bachelor. Is it a good way to find love? Is this a show we should watch?

Video Transcript:

Lynette i have decided that you have my heart oh will you accept this rose why is it just one well if you have two do you have another so like i like a dozen roses oh you bougie like that huh except oh yes yes okay now where’s the ring what hey guys shawn and lynette reed here we’ve got an amazing video for you and a cool topic but before we get into it if you haven’t already please subscribe to our youtube channel yeah i have a challenge with the bachelor show yeah okay so one of the things is we’re handing a flower right to one lady or a man and we may also hand out flowers to other people that we’re interested in so the question really becomes is it a successful way to find love or is it even a great foundation for a genuine long-term success within dating that leads to marriage right or is it a kind of dating that’s actually going to lead to divorce i think because the rose given to other people it’s like you’re giving a piece of yourself and you’re not to everybody and you’re not giving all of you to someone and i think the problem with that is they go into straight marriage yeah instead of taking a little bit more time to actually get to know the person dive into them um and so you really don’t know really who you’re going into this marriage with because you you got a piece of them yeah what’s interesting in the bible when it talks about marriage and it talks about sex the word for sex in the new testament it actually means to submit oneself to another person so if you can imagine she’s a a concrete mixture i’m a concrete mixture and then we’re pouring us into the same pot if you will and we become this new sculpture we’re this new thing that is us and so when i’m giving myself away whether that be physically sexually emotionally then i’m fragmented as an individual right and it’s hard for me to really solidify myself to one individual that i’m saying you know what i’m with you yeah we’re together but that’s also if you’ve known that person for a while and you’re ready to become exclusive so that really doesn’t happen very often in our culture and within the show there’s not really a period of really saying i want to commit to being with this person so i want to give them that carved out time that you were talking about earlier don’t marry someone that you’re still trying to get familiar with just get to know them yes and don’t take yourself off the market until someone has proven that they’re going to give you their undivisible with liberty and justice for oh you hear me and once that person say you know what i’m interested we’re serious then we cut off all other access why because we want our hearts to focus in on really interpreting is this person for me is this the one and that’s that courtship that then leads to yeah engagement period that then leads to being married all right so we want to hear your feedback i know this was a challenge for some of you guys but we want to know so drop your comment below

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