The Lowest Point: Hawaii – Ep 4


Video Caption: Hawaii was supposed to be the dream vacation, instead, it was rock bottom. The absolute lowest point in our marriage. "I thought to myself, she doesn't love us anymore..." "I thought that I could moderate my drinking." The trip to Hawaii was supposed to be the bow on top of us hitting the reset button. We had done all the work and were ready to begin a new chapter of our marriage until it all went downhill. Welcome to episode four of the Two Equals One Podcast with Jimmy and Irene Rollins! Join us for a cinematic journey with Jimmy & Irene Rollins, as they tell their story of addiction, pain, and secrets, and how they found "Purpose in the Prison." The balancing act of family, marriage, and ministry came to a screeching halt when their public ministry life and private family life became too much for two broken individuals to manage. At that point, they had a choice to make: quit or face the problem head-on. This is a story of hope and freedom. For more visit:

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