A Letter to My Husband


Photo Caption: love letter package, bundled with pen

This is what it means to be loved.

It’s hard to say something about love that has not been said before.

But from my lips to yours,

just like the vows on our wedding day,

I love you.

We have shielded our minds from the arrows that tell us

That love means finding yourself

Because we have learned that in losing ourselves

We found something better

The beauty of what is created

from sacrifice

from honesty

from submission to each other

from unity

from humility

We have built our home within the fog and the mystery

of what happens

When two become one.

We uncover it more and more each day.

Our souls interwoven like our fingers

Our bodies reserved for eternity

Our days lived side by side.

Our hearts fully given.

We have created one life from two.

And we never looked back.

This is what it means to be loved.

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