Sacrificing to Meet Your Spouses Needs


Video Caption: Sacrificing to meet your spouses needs in marriage is one of the greatest callings we have in marriage. Ask yourself if you have served your spouse well and your marriage will be better because of it.

Video Transcript:

a jesus said that the highest form or expression of love is this that you would lay down your life or sacrifice for your friends or the people that you love and that is so applicable to marriage the highest form of love that you’re going to express and experience is going to be intrinsically connected to sacrifice how much you give up of yourself for the other in fact i would go as far to say is that really is maybe the the most beautiful and profound definition of what biblical marriage is sacrifice right at the beginning a man giving up a rib for god to create woman sacrifice and so that’s a question that you have to wrestle with every single day as a husband and a wife how will i sacrifice for the other and even though i never advocate for keeping a score card when it comes to marriage you know i’m saying i did this for you so now you owe me this well i did this the other day so basically i’m good for that i i don’t advocate for that i do advocate for individually every single day asking the question how’d you go with sacrificing today did your wife or did your husband give up a lot more than you did and if that was the case why was that the case and if you look at your week has that been basically a trend all week or maybe for the last couple of years because you get to make a decision every single day to sacrifice for the other and in doing so not only do you give your spouse more life but your marriage experiences more life so that’s the reason i make a decision every single day the first thing in the day to serve and to sacrifice for my wife instead of thinking about myself first i get out of bed i turn the coffee maker on it makes a loud noise and i make myself a nice little latte with a little bit of latte out on top of it even though i don’t drink coffee i do it because i want the first move i make as i’m thanking god for a new day and putting breath in my lungs and still being on my side i want my wife to see that i sacrifice time effort and energy to serve her she does the same thing as well she’s tired she’s running around she’s getting our kids ready and like you know making school lunches and all that kind of stuff but she’ll still warm up a cup of water because i drink a big cup of hot water first thing in the morning and she’ll serve me with that because she wants to show that in amongst her business she’s still sacrificing for me so make a decision time and time again with your time make a decision time and time again with your energy make a decision with your your preset beliefs or your biases to lay them on the altar of your marriage saying you know what if a little part of me needs to die so this marriage can really live so be it because i promise you if you are going to be standing in the middle of a life-giving marriage one where both have absolutely bloom in their god-given calling i promise you your story will be the story of sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice because in this kingdom deal sacrifice brings life

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